We Want to be your "Go to" Partner

  We are committed to providing our Customers with business advantages in the form of lower costs, increased revenue opportunities and technical resource agility. 

We Deliver Technology Deployments & Life Cycle Support

Custom Built Technology Teams

  • Custom built teams to your specifications
  • On demand resources, where & when you need them
  • Hand picked, screened and trained for your specific requirements
  • Expert Management / Oversight of Resources, as much or little as you like
  • Available 7 X 24 X 365

The 10X Advantage

  • Pay only for hours deployed or results attained
  • Local to work site, no travel or per diem costs
  • Significant savings and flexibility over hiring full time employees
  • Dramatically lower travel and expense due to resources residing locally
  • Labor Rates that are at or below prevailing commercial rates for your industry! 


  • Lowered cost of sales & service delivery
  • Increased agility
  • Become more responsive
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Financial Metrics
  • Better Project Performance 

Featured Industry Verticals


Data Center

Public Safety

Cyber Security

Specialty Manufacturers

Kiosk & Point of Sale

10X SmartHands Advantage


Curated Tech Teams - Where and when you need them

Why 10X SmartHands Advantage

Lower Costs

Increased Agility

Increased Agility


Leverage local resources that are ready when you need them, standing by when you don't.

  • Eliminate non-productive bench time
  • Reduce travel expense
  • Optimize your service workforce

Increased Agility

Increased Agility

Increased Agility


Say Yes! To Client requirements. 

  • Alleviate scheduling bottlenecks due to resource constraints
  • Remove geographic limitations due to lack of local coverage

More Responsive

Increased Agility

Beat the Competition


Optimize Your Service Workforce

  • Geographic coverage
  • Skill set matching
  • On demand techs
  • 24/7 Dispatch
  • Seasonal and/or peak demand

Beat the Competition

On Time & Under Budget

Beat the Competition


Gain the three competitive advantages that matter most.

  • More Agile - resources when and where you need them
  • High Quality - skilled and local resources at the ready
  • Lower Costs - reduced skilled labor bench time and travel expenses

Satisfied Clients

On Time & Under Budget

On Time & Under Budget


Meet and exceed your client's requirements

  • Consistently hit your service level requirements
  • Provide proactive and reactive local high touch support for all customer locations

On Time & Under Budget

On Time & Under Budget

On Time & Under Budget


Utilize our 10X Project FlexForce to maximize project outcomes

  • Teams mobilized as needed
  • Pay only for hours deployed and consumed
  • Be more flexible when reacting to project disruptions
  • Adjust your project force as needed to meet schedules and deadlines

Agile Solutions Customized to Your Exacting Needs!


Installations & Projects

We provide skilled resources that are seamlessly integrated into our Client's product delivery models. Our scope ranges from full responsibility of the deliverables and outcomes to  augmentation of our Client's existing teams. 

Day Two Break / Fix Maintenance

We help our Clients deliver their post sale customer experience commitments. We provide trained and certified resources that are local and responsive to the end-user customer's services needs and SLA requirements.

Site Assessments & Audits

Our Clients utilize us to perform pre-sale and pre-deployment site readiness assessments. We help our Client's gain clarity on the existing environment so that they can prepare the best approach to helping their customers realize their desired outcomes. 

Talent Recruiting & Placement

Many of our Clients turn to us to help them augment their teams with both temporary resource needs and with helping them identify great employee candidates. Our national team of HR Professionals help our customer's identify, attract and engage resources that are definitively matched to their needs.  

Service Strategy Consulting

We are passionate about helping our Clients to optimize their technology services business. We leverage our C-level Service Solution Experts to consult with and advise our client management teams. We ensure our clients are exposed to the latest trends and best practices being adopted by those leading on the services transformation front.